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Welcome to the Clan Patterson archaeology site. This is an extremely informal collection of material that may be of interest to a very limited group of people. But if you are one of those -- enjoy!

Photoscan Examples

Photoscan is a program from Agisoft which is used to create 3D models from multiple photographs. A really excellent example of the use of the program to document archaeological work can be found here. As an early test case, I used a hand-held Olympus OM-D E-M5II with the Zuiko 14-40 zoom lens set at a focal length of 25mm to take 17 pictures of a ceramic figure. This is a 3-D PDF of the resulting model using default parameters in Photoscan. Adobe Reader or Acrobat should allow you to navigate this image in 3D. It is a large (7 MB) file!You will notice that there are just a couple of areas in which there was insufficient image data to complete the model. There are also a couple of areas in which there is some "softness" in the texture map (look, for example at the area immediately adjacent to the spine on the tail). This is most likely the result of a lack of depth of filed and some defocus in these areas of the original picture.

(click on photo for larger version)